Saturday, 5 March 2011

Where Have You Been?

I feel like I can breathe again. Those that follow me on twitter will have heard that my laptop died. It was nearly seven years old (which is ancient for laptops) and will be much missed. Actually that's not entirely true: the damned thing was determined to disconnect from the internet every ten to twenty minutes and it took forever to turn off. Thankfully I have mostly backed up everything so I shouldn't have lost too much work...

Now I have a brand new netbook (it's so shiny) and am in the process of getting all my settings and sites on it. And the first place I came was here to update you all on what's happened in the last week while I was offline. Suspect I also missed some things. Something about Charlie Sheen I hear?

Caught up on a number of films this week, so reviews will follow in the coming days (I have so many posts to catch up on!) and also got to obsess over the demo for Dragon Age 2. I really liked it even though a lot of other Dragon Age: Origins players don't, if the forums are anything to go by. Cannot wait for the real thing.

Also went to the launch party for a new bar/club in London on Friday. It's called the Picadilly Institute and it has loads of floors, each with their own themes and bars. Very snazzy, a tad pretentious, but then a lot of clubs in London are like that. And what is with the toilet attendents? Who really needs someone to hand them a paper towel? I don't know about anyone else but I object to having to pay to use the loo, or to get evils when I don't.

But the most exciting news - for me at least - is that I have got myself a little freelance writing work. It's totally unpaid but it's a start and means it's not just me publishing my work. The site can be found here, and it's all about films - which is good as I know a bit about them. Keep an eye on it as I will hopefully have stuff up there in the next week or two.

Must go, as my boiled egg and toast is getting cold. The rollercoaster ride never ends in the world of the wannabe writer. Peace out.


  1. I would guess that the toilet attendants' true function is to report in case anyone vomits, falls unconscious, commits vandalism, starts a fight, or performs some bodily function that's inappropriately unsanitary (or overly demonstrative).

    The whole "handing out paper towel" thing may be to reassure people that the guy works there (and isn't just hanging out), though frankly I doubt I'd care much about that.

  2. That's a good point, and I know it's also to prevent drug dealing and taking in the toilets. I sometimes wonder if they actually make that clear to the attendants though, as some seem to think that everyone should be tipping them. You know, for handing out the paper towels so well...

  3. Well, congratulations on getting the work. Good luck with it!