Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Time for Reflection

I was going to do a review or some other frivolous piece but, in light of what's happening around the world, felt it wouldn't be appropriate. In Libya people are being killed daily by their own government for simply demanding the basic right to freedom. And throughout the middle east people are doing the same, regardless of the threats to their lives and safety. And then news of the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand came through and it got me thinking about how fortunate those of us living in less volatile (politically and physically) areas are.

All too often we get caught up in our own lives, and the daily annoyances that seem to build up. The daily commute, the price of food/fuel, the rudeness of those around us. I'm no different. But we should never forget the challenges others are facing around the world and be grateful for the good things in our own lives. We can do little to truly help those in far flung lands, those suffering and in pain, those that have to struggle for even the simplest of things. But the least we can do is allow ourselves to look at the positive in our own lives and to send our thoughts and prayers to those struggling through dark times. My heart goes out to those losing friends and family, to all those brave souls fighting for their rights, and to those refusing to give up, no matter the challenges they face. They are an inspiration to us all.

Some links of interest if you want to get involved or get more information:

A blog from Toronto with a lot of information and links
A Facebook page stating what anyone can do to help

The Red Cross New Zealand Earthquake Appeal - all funds will be used towards the New Zealand Red Cross response to the disaster.
 There is also an app with a clever low tech way for people to find someone they may be concerned about, or post information about someone so others can find them.

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