Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Interesting and Scary Times

Firstly I want to say how worrying the Egypt situation is becoming. A desperate dictator is looking for any last resort to stay in power, knowing full well that "The West" will do nothing. They (and everyone else) have so far even refused to state publicly that he needs to leave immediately - after all this is one dictator that has been a consistent ally to the UK and US. Unlike that other dictator in another Arabic country who exploited the West to get his position before refusing to play ball - and we marched in and occupied the country. Wonder why we were so hard on him compared to President Mubarak? Hmmm, it's a mystery. Then of course there's the "better the devil you know" mentality - as whatever may replace Mubarak may be ten times worse. For us as well as for the Egyptians.

I've been watching the revolt slowly turn into a civil war, and I dread to think what will come next. This is a pivotal moment in the Middle East and for all our sakes we better hope that democracy and justice win. What has happened so far in Tunisia is reassuring, though Egypt was never going to have it as easy. I suspect we haven't seen the worst yet but I hope I'm wrong. My thoughts are with the Egyptian people and I hope they get the free democratic state that they deserve.

On a lighter note, today is Groundhog Day. I watched little Punxsutawney Phil being held up and... he did not see his shadow so Spring is going to come early. Hooray! Evidently Groundhogs can't understand weather reports but he looks very cute so we'll forgive him. To see him yourself watch below.

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