Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Sulking Muse

It's mid-week, the working week (for me at least) is over half done - hooray! But the writing... not going so well. I've been trying to come up with something for more short stories but so far nothing. Nada. Zip. And don't even mention the novel. It sits and looks patiently at me, saying "Now what?" And I reply with a shrug of the shoulders...

It's not helped that I haven't done anything constructive since last week, falling into that whole "I'm too tired/don't have time/want a rest" mode and have ended up slouching in front of the TV like a zombie. I know full well you make time, not find it, but it's not always easy to follow your own advice. Think I've annoyed my inner Muse so much that it now just sits and sulks in the corner, telling me to bog off whenever I ask for an idea. So unhappy with the Muse and with myself I have been turning to for help. It's a website I found by complete accident last year and has been a great source of inspiration and constructive advice. And I've finally bought one of the "handbooks", Holly Lisle's Create A Plot Clinic. And I'm liking what I'm reading. Unlike a lot of advice out there to would be writers no punches are pulled and the methodology is purely practical. It reminds me a lot of Stephen King's advice in his book On Writing, with it's straight talking style and genuinely useful advice. I hasten to add I am not in any way affiliated with Ms. Lisle (or Mr. King for that matter!) and am recommending her purely based on my own experiences.

So I plan to work my way through the Create a Plot Clinic and hopefully it will help that damned story progress. If not... well I don't give up easy. I could always sneak up on my Muse with a baseball bat and see if that gets it talking.

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