About Me

I've always wanted to be a writer. Well, truthfully I started off wanting to be an artist (aged 5), but realised later (15) that while the idea of the destitute artist is very romantic, the reality isn't all that great. So I carried on drawing and painting but with no real aim of making it a career, and along the way realised that I could write as well, thanks in no small part to some excellent teachers that gave very good (and very constructive) feedback. So here I am, trying to make that a reality while I work full time. I don't want to be a destitute writer either.

I mainly read Fantasy, Science-Fiction and Horror stories but I've delved into a lot of Historical Fiction and Thrillers along the way. Nothing is out of bounds if it's interesting, which may well explain my fascination with ancient history, and my resulting degree in Classical Studies with English from King's College London. Sounds very posh, but it really wasn't. Currently I'm working as an online merchandiser for an internet giant and in my few hours at home I'm trying to write, while satisfying my gaming habit, and getting through my films at home. I am not succeeding at all these things, all of the time...

I had one short story published in 2012 but have struggled to finish much since then - maybe this will be the year. I'm also working on article writing, to get my foot in the door as a freelance non-fiction writer.

This blog mainly features my mutterings about life, the universe and everything, but I try to keep it reasonably focused on the areas I'm interested in (see above). Though I may write about sun dappled unicorns if the whim ever takes me.

Favourite writers: Stephen King, Sheri Tepper, Robin Hobb, Stephen Donaldson, China Mieville (to name but a few).