Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Discovering the wonder of Haiku

Haven't been making much progress lately with the tome, trapped as I am in a cycle of edit and re-edit on the short story (which needs to be submitted before next Monday!) but in the meantime I found a Haiku competition. Never written a Haiku before but I've found out I enjoy it. Below are a few I've come up with that aren't within the guidelines for the competition but were fun to write. It's great way to get the creativity to flow. Hope you enjoy!

Do groundhogs wonder,
Why these tall things with hats,
Try to talk to them?

A little humour
Sprinkled with humility
Makes a perfect man

The fire of love
Is quick to light, slow to die
And keeps us all warm

If all the bright stars
Are the dreams of mere mortals
Gods must be blinded

1 comment:

  1. Very impressed - I have to say that 'the fire of love' is my favourite :)