Friday, 18 March 2011

Life Goes On

Had very good news today when I was confirmed as a "suitable tenant". Just need to make the payment for the rent and security deposit, sign the contracts and my independent life is set. Very exciting, and my boyfriend is already planning on how to do up the lounge to be the ultimate film and games room. Bless. And after the nightmare journey to work this morning I can't wait to start to use another route. Likely it will eventually annoy me as much as using the Jubilee line every day (a warning for anyone outside of London thinking of visiting - avoid this line at all costs, it's rubbish) but it will be nice to go a different way at least.

I have also had another review published on Lost in the Multiplex and you can read it here. It's for a film called "Rubber" and I absolutely loved it. Daft, weird and totally crazy - right up my weird street. Highly recommend giving it a go when it comes to DVD in April, though be warned, it won't be to everyone's taste. If you like "The Blob" and other cheesy B-movies you will likely enjoy it, that's all I'm saying. And for anyone wondering (nearly wrote "wandering" there) I will be doing film reviews on this blog again, I've just been busy lately so haven't had a chance to put any up. Keep an eye out, one may arrive tomorrow...

Other things that have taken my interest this week; getting the real story from people in Japan via Twitter. Found a site where a guy (I assume he's a guy) has been taking pictures when he's out and about. Really interesting and excellent photography. Go to "Shoot Tokyo" to find out more. With the total sensationalism of British and American journalism I can't thank Twitter enough to make it possible to find out directly what's going on over there and how people are coping. The internet may be full of porn and lol-cats but it is good for some things.

The other thing I've been reading about is self-publishing, particularly through ebooks. Some really interesting articles in various blogs, including whether 99 cent pricing attracts the wrong kind of readers, and the accounts of Amanda Hocking who, much to her evident discomfort, has become something of a darling in the indie publishing world. Her story is definitely inspirational and I love how she is at great pains to point out that just because it worked for her doesn't mean it will work for everyone. Personally I think she's an example of how hard work and applying yourself nets the best results. And I'll admit it gives me hope that I might be able to make some money from this writing lark, eventually. Speaking of...

A bit of progress has been made with the novel, just not in the word count. I've sat down and plotted out a few more things and am trying to tidy up before I carry on. Sadly I lost some of my work when my laptop decided to commit suicide but it's given me the chance to review where I am and more importantly where it's going. I'm also trying to work out a deadline for the first draft, though the prospect scares me a bit. I'm awful with deadlines. It's why I love Douglas Adams so much, who famously said "I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." Truly a man after my own heart and much missed. But with deadlines I hope to get the draft finished this year so the major rewriting can begin and be complete, I hope, by June next year at the latest. Eeep.

In the meantime, and to keep myself motivated, I've done a few more short stories. I'm now thinking about getting a few of these done so that I can test the waters of the self-publishing world with a compilation. The idea excites me and is a little less pressurised than getting a full blown novel out there. At least that's the hope.  One thing I have worked out though is that writing is all well and good but getting someone to edit it is just as important, not to mention the cover art. So with something smaller I would like to give all that a go and make some contacts. Wow, listen to me, I sound like I'm actually taking this all seriously and stuff...

Signing off now to do some plotting... we'll see if I can squeeze any Dragon Age 2 in before going to bed.

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