Saturday, 26 March 2011

On Publishing and Life

It's been an interesting week for those of us watching the self-publishing world. We've seen one author who always published through a traditional publisher reject a huge advance so he can self-publish, and only a few days later an author who has always self-published (with great success) take a book deal with a traditional publisher. It can all be very confusing for us wannabe writers!

I think recent events show us one thing; that we do not live in a one size fits all world. Some authors will be better off going it alone, others would be be better with a traditional publishing arrangement. It all depends on the author and, I think, on what they want out of their writing. I admit I love the idea of one day seeing books with my name on them in bookstores (assuming they still exist by that point!) and next to books written by the authors I've grown up with and love. But if that should happen (and it's a big if) I have to accept I wouldn't make as much money as I could theoretically make through self-publishing. And I'm okay with that. I'd like to self-publish as a start, to test the audience, get feedback and improve, but long term the goal is to get an agent, and get published.

On a personal note, this week has not been a great one. Just when I thought the flat me and my boyfriend have found was a done deal it turns out that the letting agents have made a huge mistake. Originally they said a parking space comes with the flat, which my man has to have to get to work and back. Turns out it doesn't but one is available at an extra £80 a month (!) and the landlord doesn't own it but has a "verbal agreement" with a neighbour. My spider-sense is tingling that something is not right with this. So, because I'm not a complete sucker, I've asked for a written guarantee that the space will definitely be available throughout our tenancy. And now we wait to find out if the landlord will do that. Seems like a no-brainer to me but I'm not a landlord. The good news is that we can get a full refund of all monies paid, though it's very annoying as the flat is great and exactly what we're looking for. I now know why no one has good things to say about estate or letting agencies!

The writing has been okay, and I've finished a short story that was meant to be flash fiction but as it's now over 2000 words needs some serious editing. And a new title. But at least it's progress. I've also plotted out the book a bit more and realise I need to make it simpler - even I'm confused and I'm the one writing it! Oh well, with every mistake I learn a little more I guess.

I better go do some writing, maybe watch those people in London and see how soon it is before the police start to kettle them. Maybe they'll get confused and kettle those watching the boat race instead...


  1. I'm new to your blog. I found you on twitter and was interested in your view of self publishing. I just finished writing a few things, I believe aspiring authors should consider before decided to go with a traditional publisher or self publishing. I enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading more of your views.

  2. Thanks for the comment Orlando, had a look at your blog and you now have another follower! I love that there's a whole community of people like you, all around the world, sharing this information - we are not alone, something that's so important to remember as writing can be very lonely at times.

  3. Vivacia ~
    Just want to say "hi!" I came across your comment on Nathan's blog, and liked what you had to say about not monetizing on our blogs. I, of course I had to take a look at yours :~)

  4. Welcome M Kathy!

    Yep, as you can see no adverts here. I tried them when I first started but they annoyed me so I got rid of them. :)

  5. Hey like your blog. Found your through a new Twitter follower who visited my blog. I followed him back and saw your gravatar in his followers list on his blog, clicked on it, and POW! Found an aspiring writer! Plus, I can already tell you have a gift for writing. Cool. :-)

    I pub'd my first book just five years ago, and now am multi-published and a professional editor as well. Hang in there, keep writing, hone the craft, believe in yourself and never give up. And if The Old Silly can be of any help to you, do not hesitate to ask, ok?

  6. Hi "The Old Silly" (love that!), and thanks so much for the words of support. And a professional editor too... Twitter has been a great way to discover other writers, publishers and editors.

    I will keep an eye on your blog - like what I saw in my fly by visit.