Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Writing Goes Well - For a Change

So what's been happening? Well the novel writing has once again been continuing with a few thousand words added this week, and (hopefully) another three thousand added today after I've posted this. It's on my to do list after all so I better do it. Feeling better about it too as I think I've simplified it and streamlined the story. Or will once I go through the editing process; I'm really looking forward to that part as it will mean I've got the first draft done. Oh what a happy day that will be. It will definitely call for copious amounts of wine and good food.

The new found inspiration has been helped by getting the flat situation sorted. I got my money back for the one that went no where (every penny - I checked) and the new flat has been chosen, references and paperwork are done and now we just need to pay the deposit and sign the contract. Already thinking of colour schemes. Turns out I'm a lot more girly than I thought I was! Better go play some Gears of War to counteract that...

I've also provisionally given myself the goal to get 7000 words done a week from here on in. Don't know if I will manage that or not but so far this week I'm up to 3000/7000 words. I've discovered that just telling myself to write every night isn't enough, as I tend to end up working on a short story or a review instead (which is no bad thing) but if I don't get a move on with the 'tome' than it may never get finished. And I definitely don't want to do that again... Until now I've always given up after a few months and I realise that I have now been writing consistently for the longest period of time, ever! For that I have to thank you my dear readers; knowing that you're out there, and think what I have to say is interesting enough to keep coming back for more, is a real incentive for me to keep going. My humblest gratitude to you all.

Must go now to continue with the writing. And maybe watch a bit of Galaxy Quest which has just started on BBC1. I love that film. "Never give up! Never Surrender!"


  1. When I first read this, I assumed that you'd used "realise" incorrectly --- as a synonym for "recognize". I wasn't going to bring it up, because, well ... I don't wanna be that guy.

    But then I caught myself: the so-called "true" meaning of "realize" is "to make real" --- as in you don't "realize" facts, you realize ambitions, plans and dreams. You take them out of the realm of thoughts and wishes, and "real-ize" them when you make them real.

    And that's exactly what you're doing!

  2. You certainly seem to have the determination and resolve, a key element in a writer’s success—at least the equal of talent, trust me. I used to discipline myself to 2,000 words per day, it’s easy, once you have your muse used to being amused. More important than a certain number, though, I’ve found, is that you write every day. Well, it has to be real writing, yes, more than just a few emails and a couple of tweets, lol, but ... of paramount importance is that you write what you feel, what stimulates you; write what you would want to read—with intense passion. And let the word count fall where it may.

    Works for me, as a diurnal regimen. And of course when the blessed “Writer’s Zone” hits, and I can’t get the words keyed in as fast as the ideas are coming, then I can go for sometimes days with very little sleep, eats, or distractions, like: “Hey – leave me alone, and quiet, please? I’m writing over here!

    Ha! Love it when that happens.

    Okay, chow for now, have a wonderful day, young lady and promising new writer!

    Marvin D Wilson, author, and blogger at The Old Silly’s Free Spirit Blog

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! Yes, writing every day is definitely the important thing, more than word count. But I know the tricks my brain plays on me, so having a weekly word goal should ensure I don't let myself off with "taking a break today". My muse likes to dose sometimes...

    I should mention the 7000 word count is only for the novel - that doesn't include reviews, blogs, emails and tweets. But I'm loving the feeling of writing at the moment, and just hope that lasts and sees me through to finishing this first draft!

  4. I love Galaxy Quest so much - and can't watch some episodes of Star Trek without thinking 'I see you managed to get your shirt off!'

  5. Yes! I laughed out loud when they got to that bit. My other favourite is Guy (Sam Rockwell is the best) being so convinced he's going to be the one killed to prove the situation's serious, as he has no name. :)

    Star Trek has been ruined forever, but it does make it a lot funnier to watch.