Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wedding? What Wedding?

Hello to the blogosphere. And you. Yeah you.

Once again I have been very lax in my writing and blogging but this time I have a really, really, really good excuse. And it has nothing to do with "THE WEDDING" hysteria currently sweeping the media. No, I have been preparing to up sticks from the parent's house and move into me and the boyfriend's shiny new flat on Saturday and I am pretty much set. Things I've discovered when preparing to move:

  1. It is remarkable how much crap you own after 28 years of stuffing belongings into cupboards, shelves, under the bed, to the back of the wardrobe, under the carpet...
  2. You can never have too many bin bags. Fact!
  3. Parents are no use when you're throwing things away. They want to keep everything "sentimental", which is a significant amount. (Well one does. The other would gladly put a match, literally, to as much stuff as possible.)
  4. Unused Euros appear from the most unexpected of places (I had some stuffed in a box with soap. Soap! Must have happened during one of my many "can't be arsed to organise things just now, this will do" moments.)
  5. You will find things that make you cringe and things that make you go "awww". Throw both away.
  6. Many Christmas and Birthday cards will be found from people who you have no memory of. At. All.
  7. Once you throw the rubbish out you realise your room is no where near as small as you thought. It was just being consumed from the inside.
  8. Nail polish is not pretty after fifteen years in the bottle.
  9. I have way too many books. And those suckers are heavy when put in a box. Picking that up is definitely a "blue" job.
  10. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is surprisingly very good and very entertaining. Yeah, I know that has nothing to do with moving but it's been keeping me sane while my own writing falls to the wayside.
The plan is to get as much done as possible on Saturday so that we can spend the rest of the week putting furniture together (thanks Ikea) and maybe sneak in a viewing of Thor mid-week while the rest of the world are at work. The bed gets delivered on Tuesday and after that we should be done. I predict that despite my otherwise non-girly inclinations I will be seriously nesting next week, and will be asked more than once "but what does that do" when I buy something that's just pretty but has no actual purpose. It's a fair question mind you...

For the moment I'm relaxing so I can finish packing clothes, CDs, DS games (the other games are already packed) and all the odd little nick nacks I'm taking with me tomorrow. But that will be after watching the Royal Wedding in the morning with Mum and one of her friends. I've managed to avoid most of the hoohah about it so am more than happy to get into the spirit, especially if spirits are involved. I think it's funny how they keep casting "Kate" as a normal girl, considering her family is loaded and she's lived an incredibly privileged life. She's not exactly a working class girl from Dagenham. But nevertheless they seem to genuinely care for each other, which makes this one of the most unusual Royal Weddings in history.

Below is how I wish it would play out, as this looks like the best wedding ever. Watch out for Harry, he's great. And actually same advice for tomorrow. If anyone is going to let the airs and graces slip it's him. Happy holidays!

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  1. What a great clip! I wonder how many impersonators in all were involved with that!!