Friday, 15 April 2011

Move In Day Fast Approaches

Nervous. Excited. Confused. Confidant. Did I mention excited? These are just some of the feelings I'm sloshing around in as I reach the two week mark until I move into a flat with my boyfriend. I cannot wait, but at the same time wonder if my brain will go pop in trying to remember all the things I/we need to make sure get done. The good news is it looks like the Landlord is going to do a lot of the boring stuff (utilities and council tax) so I have funner (is that a word? well, I'm using it anyway) things like broadband and TV license to sort out. The party never ends.

We got a bed for the flat last Sunday - it's soooo comfy - and I have all my fingers crossed that I will get the call for arranging the delivery next week so it can arrive the first few days we're there (I am ever the optimist). You should try typing with all your fingers crossed - it's very awkward, to say the least. That may go some way to explaining the lack of writing progress this week (under 1500 words, boo) but I'm hoping to remedy that tonight and Saturday. I will be happy if I can push that to 5000 words this week, even though it's not my 7000 goal. But hey, it's better than a kick in the teeth right? (I love odd phrases like that. I mean, a lot of things are better than a kick in the teeth but it doesn't mean they're really all that great. Pulling plasters off is better than having your teeth kicked in, but it still hurts... That was a random thought I felt like sharing.)

In other news I heard this week that e-book sales in the U.S.A. are well ahead of physical book sales, which is kind of obvious if more people choose to buy the e-book rather than the physical book. The huge amount of Kindles bought for people over Christmas likely had a part to play too. Not sure it's a death knell for books in their paper form, though its certainly interesting to follow; especially for those of us that would like to publish in the future...

I should have a review/commentary of the books I've been reading recently up tomorrow, all of which were written by a certain Amanda Hocking, who I am slightly in awe of. I suspect she'd hate that and be really embarrassed (if her blog is anything to go by) but I really admire what's she's accomplished, so thought I'd give one of her trilogies a go. Tune in tomorrow to find out what I thought of it.

Until the 'morrow then my lovely readers, happy Friday and see you on the other side of the dawn.

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