Thursday, 24 May 2012

Feeling Thankful

I'm writing this because I realise I don't say thank you often enough for the good things in my life. Maybe it's the hangover (there was much dancing and drinking last night - and on a school night no less), or maybe it's the exhaustion talking, but I wanted to take a post to be grateful for the good things in my life. The Internet is full to bursting with joy-consuming negativity, like a big dark seeping slug on the interweb, so this is me fighting it back, if only a little.

Seeing the positive in things is something I do a lot more now than I ever have before, probably due to seeing first hand how fragile human life is and that it doesn't last forever. Rather than upset me the realisation invigorated me to try new things, to feed my passions and to push myself to achieve the things I want out of life. But it was easy to make that mental transition because of the wonderful people in my life. I owe a huge thanks to all my friends for being so jolly brilliant, encouraging and just generally fabulous. Then there's the wonderful man in my life, who puts up with me tumbling home at silly o'clock and only teasing me a little about it... or a lot, depending how funny it is. And I am immensely fortunate to have not just my parents in my life, but to know them as human beings, rather than simply as entities of authority.

I am very fortunate, and I hope I don't ever take that for granted, especially as not everyone can say the same. But finding the good, in amongst the bad, is definitely the best thing I ever learnt. So thank you guys, one and all, for being my rocks, my co-conspirators, my devil's advocates and the source of a lot of my hangovers...

*Shameless 90s reference alert*

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