Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Stories and Hens

Hello wordseekers. Sorry I've been absent for a bit - I've been a tad busy. Those of you that follow me on Twitter will have seen my mumblings about Domains and Hosts; you see I'm realising this ol' blog here just isn't going to cut it long term. But I don't want to lose anything I've posted, so the plan (at the moment) is to set up a new website, with my own domain name, and move all of this over to it. Thankfully Wordpress seems to do the job, so I suspect that will be the platform I'll be using, once I have the other stuff done. This is all a bit scary/exciting as I've never set up a website before AND I want to do as much of it myself as I can. What can I say; I'm a control freak. That, and I've noticed the most successful indie-authors out there are in total control of their own sites. I also like the idea of not being dependent on a designer or architect to make changes in the future. It's going to be a hell of a ride.

In other news I'm working on a new short-ish story that may be coming out as an e-book in the not too distant future. It depends how it turns out and what beta-readers think of it. Oh, and on me finishing it in the next few weeks. Yeah. That's probably important too. It should come in at roughly the 40,000 to 50,000 word mark, all being well. And I even know what the cover will look like. But it still involves a lot of research, mainly imagery, and if anyone would like to see some of that research as it happens, head on over to my new pininterest page. Artwork from deviantART will feature heavily, as I've been in love with that site for a long time and have always turned to it when I need inspiration (or just want to look at amazing drawings). See if you can guess what the work in progress might be about...

The other thing I'm working on is planning a hen party for a very close friend of mine. Bit daunting to be given so much responsibility, especially by someone who I; (a) don't want to piss off and (b) actually really like, so don't want to disappoint. Thankfully ideas are flowing, and hopefully I will have something sorted out soon. Now, where did I put that number for the Chippendales...?

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