Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Girl With the Dragon Tatto DVD/Blu-ray Launch

Yesterday I went to the launch party for the DVD and Blu-ray of David Fincher's version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The irony is I haven't seen the film yet (and sadly no freebies were available at the party). It was held in the new Covent Garden based London Film Museum, a place I didn't even know existed until I got the invite, in the appropriately named "Vaults". There was lots of scaffolding outside, making the entrance a bit hard to spot (thank you to the rep with the clip board standing outside in the rain - it was a clue for who we needed to talk to!) Inside were photos of the cast, particularly of Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, as well as a select choice of props from the film. What can I say; sometimes there are perks to my day job.

This was cool - this is a one off leather bound copy of the Stieg Larsson trilogy (with the original title of "Men That Hate Women" on the first book). You can't see it so well, but on the side of the book lying down are studs, which slot perfectly into the next book. 

Free drinks - the prerequisite for any industry event. Though the white wine seemed to disappear a lot faster than the red, or the water and orange juice... I may have contributed to that a little.

As I took this photo Steven Berkoff (who looks NOTHING like his IMDB picture anymore) was standing nearby chatting to some people. He was wearing torn trainers and a long black coat - keeping it real. (I didn't take a photo of him as I think it's a bit weird taking photos of people just because they're a celebrity - and I didn't have the guts to ask him).

All the covers of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo from around the world - such a tragedy Larsson never got to see how huge his books were to become.

There were a selection of these arty, promo shots on all the walls, mainly of Rooney Mara looking weird and seductive all at once.

Rooney Mara, in a very feminine pose, but with her shaved eyebrows and harsh hairstyle standing in contrast. Tres cool.

No they didn't execute someone to celebrate the launch. But they did have this prop, that Daniel Craig had to get in and out of, along with a video playing on the TV of him rehearsing with it. If anything it looked even more uncomfortable in person than it does in this photo.

Love these, and having them side by side emphasised how suited these two actors are to the roles (in looks anyway - I will wait to see it before passing judgement on their performances).

Liked this one so much I had to get a close up. I know smoking isn't cool; but damn if it doesn't look cool, especially when it's photographed in black and white. (The cancer that so often results from it doesn't look so cool - which is why you don't see that bit so much).  

Finally, this will mean something to those who have seen/read the story but not a lot to everyone else. Printed/flatted flowers are kind of important to the plot...

They also had a bunch of dildos and handcuffs lying around in glass cases (if you don't know, don't ask) which seemed to get a glance from those around before they swiftly moved on. Have to say though, since seeing this showcase I really want to see the film now. Maybe I'll buy it over the weekend...

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