Sunday, 31 July 2011

I Did It!!!

Glory days, alleluia, not to mention very frickin' chuffed - I have just completed the Julnowrimo challenge!! A total of 50300 words have been written by yours truly in the last 31 days, and I now have a novel of 77519 words. It isn't quite finished yet but I am damn close, with only twenty thousand words (or four chapters if you prefer) before it is completed.

I have never, in my whole life written as much as I have in the last month - and I've loved it. Even if it is massively stressful. Greatest thing I've learned; how to push on through the blocks so you get something done each day.

I honestly feel like I've just climbed Everest. Excuse me while I go bounce around the room in ecstatic joy.


  1. I prefer Xander doing the snoopy dance btw

  2. That was awesome. Couldn't find any decent links to it otherwise I would have plonked that on here too.

    In fact one thing I discovered - there are no where near enough videos of Snoopy's Dance of Joy. Internet fail.