Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I Am Alive, I'm just Writing

Yeah, yeah I know. I said I'd keep the blog to a schedule of Saturdays and Wednesdays. I lied. Actually, I didn't lie, I was just overly optimistic. Julnowrimo has taken me over a bit so I was running behind with the blog. Like the UK government I had to make cuts, even if they are the wrong cuts to make. But I'm getting used to it all and have so far written just over 7000 words! In a week! (I know I tweeted 6000 earlier - I just used a calculator and it's actually 7000.) This is officially the most I have EVER written in such a short space of time. I've always made excuses before or found something to distract myself and thereby avoid the crushing weight of responsibility when I thought about how many words I had to do. In short I liked the idea of writing but not the reality. Now I'm liking the reality, though I am missing my Xbox a bit. I swear I heard it cry itself to sleep last night.

The one side effect of all the writing is I'm staying up later as I'm finding it hard to stop mid-chapter, which in turn means I am very tired most of the time. And yet this is also giving me some unforeseen ideas for the story, which has started to veer off the outline a tad. Not in a big way, but enough to establish characters a bit more and make it seem like an actual journey, rather than a race. How this will work in the long term I'm not sure - thankfully I have a week off at the end of July in which to work and sleep. In theory.

In other non-writing related news I was super excited to see the first trailer for "Brave", the latest animation form Pixar. And I was not disappointed; it looks beautiful and I love the design of the heroine with her flaming red hair and attitude. AND as if that wasn't good enough it's mainly Scottish people doing the voices - actual Scots, doing Scottish character's voices. I get very tired of Americans putting on awful Scottish accents so the fact that someone has been paying attention and realised this is stupid for this film has made me look forward to it all the more. Trailer is below for your and my amusement. FREEDOM!!! Oh, wait, wrong film...  "Brave" comes to cinemas in June 2012.

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