Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Short Story Competition - RAC Driving Abroad

I'm going to do a new feature on the blog, where I'll try to find writing competitions that are opening for submissions. Generally I'm not a huge fan of competitions, especially those that ask for payment to enter. But they can be a good place to try out your skills, especially if they're free. I'll avoid adding any that in my biased opinion are rubbish and not worth the time. The criteria for good competitions are:

1. Cost to enter (lower the better)
2. Prestige; is winning this thing something you would want to have on your cover letter?
3. The prize; is the reward worth the words you'll be scribing? A competition that only wants a 500 word story for a top prize of £500 is pretty good but one that wants 5000 words for the same may not be worth the hassle.

I'll try to do this as a weekly roundup normally but for this week I'm going to link to a single competition that the RAC are running, called their Driving Abroad Writing Competition. Essentially they're after 1000 words maximum based on the theme of driving in Europe. More details in the link but first prize is £500 and free RAC European Breakdown cover for a year. Runners up win £100 in M&S vouchers.

Closing date is September 11th 2014; get writing you would be travellers!

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