Monday, 12 May 2014

Overactive Imagination

This weekend I was by my ownsome as the BF was out of the country. I kept myself busy as I didn't fancy being in the flat all weekend talking to the TV but inevitably I had some time without any company. And I've discovered I could never live by myself if I want to write stories.

Sunday I wrote another scene on the short I'm working on. It's a pivotal moment, when a big secret is revealed, but in the process some creepy shit happens. Think phantoms, threat and mysterious noises, that vanish as soon as you try to find them. Pleased with the progress, I decided to finish off in the middle of things so I can continue easily later. And was met by a very quiet flat that seemed to be watching me. I sat on the sofa and tried to watch some TV but couldn't stop myself looking down the hallway. Have I locked the door? Should I get up and check? What if someone tries to break in and you didn't bother to check? For crying out loud get a hold of yourself.

I got up and checked the door (which was locked). Then I put the chain on (which I never do). I decided to play games instead of watching TV, as it gives me less chance to think about how someone might break in and kill me. On a top floor flat where the main door is also locked and you need a key fob to get in... Thank Christ I wasn't watching Crimewatch, the only program on UK TV that scares the bejeezus out of me. I'd likely have ended up curled in a corner of the living room, one of the kitchen knives clutched in my hand with a death grip.

Don't be fooled by the hilarious sketch - this show is terrifying.

So yeah, I don't think living on my own is an option if I want to write stories - getting myself out of the fiction is a lot harder when I don't have anyone else to watch out for lions, tigers, bears and potential knife wielding maniacs.

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