Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday and Superman

Another Sunday is coming to an end, with another work day looming on the horizon. To make the most of the sunshine I went dress shopping and to the cinema - I am as pale as a ghost with anaemia so hiding in shopping centres and cinemas is the best plan for me. The dress shopping was completely unsuccessful for a few key reasons;

1. I hate dresses
2. I hate clothes shopping
3. 99% of dresses are horrible
4. The 1% that aren't are out of my price range

The only reason I need to find a dress is for a friend's wedding in... 3 weeks. Shit. I may have to resort to going into central London, which is a special kind of hell us locals like to leave to the tourists. Sigh....

In better news I did get to see the new Superman film, Man of Steel. It was okay but suffered from the first 30 minutes on Krypton being far more interesting and compelling than the rest of the movie. I would love for a prequel to happen, and apparently Russell Crowe agrees. Henry Hotstuff was suitably hunky in the lead role, though as always I found it difficult to relate to Clark Kent/Kal-El. It's the same problem I've always had with Superman in any format; he's just too powerful. My preference in comics has always been non-superhero stories, as a normal person struggling against insurmountable odds - with a real chance of failure - is far more engrossing for me. Look up Habiba if you want to know what I mean (and if you're not a prude or overly, religiously sensitive).

The day was rounded off nicely with the Wimbledon final. I have to say I used to hate watching tennis, except for when I wanted a snooze, but I am a total convert. All I needed was someone to root for and fellow Scot Andy Murray is my tennis-man. It makes watching his matches excruciatingly painful but finally - finally - there was a pay-off for the years of pain. I think my nerves were shattered by the time it ended, though not as much as when he was playing the James Bond villain the other day.

Well done Andy, you are a national hero - I look forward to your inevitable knighthood, and your straight-faced jokes, that many mistake for you being grumpy. Those of us with Scottish men in the family know what you're doing.

Hope you all had a good weekend, wherever you are in this beautiful world.

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