Friday, 3 August 2012

Life Olympics

Another looong gap in postings... I really need to stick to a schedule. Hell, I probably really need to make a schedule, but I don't ever seem to find the time. Making a point of doing a quick post today as I'm about to set off for a hotel stay this weekend, to be a bridesmaid tomorrow for one of my closest friends. She's the first of the gang to get hitched so it's been a pretty big deal to all of us. Feeling old or feeling grown-up - not sure which - but it's very exciting either way. The couple are lovely together and I couldn't be happier for them. Or for the dress that I get to keep. I may walk around my flat in it from time to time, just to get some wear out of it (and because it's really purty!)

Big life events have been happening elsewhere across London due to the Olympics being here. The transport hasn't been as bad as they said, though I'm still working from home to keep myself out of the equation. Especially the one that involves very hot and busy trains. Like so many others I have no tickets to any of it but I did get to see the Olympic torch when it passed through my home town the other week. I didn't even intend to see it, just went out and wondered why there were so many people about before the penny dropped. No idea who was running with it and only had my phone on me so the photos are a bit blurry.

I have never seen this many people in town. Not even on party night when the place is full of teens trying to look twenty.

This dog was great - no matter what way the owner was going
 he pulled in the opposite direction. He also nearly had a heart attack
 when the brass band started up, only to wag his tail the moment they finished.

I'm pretty sure this guy is not an actual beefeater...

Definitely not a beefeater - look at that huge watch!

Coca-Cola; that well known health drink. I was surprised
that there wasn't a McD's truck as well,
throwing grease into the crowd.

Before the torch we got a couple of acrobats and this BMX guy.
If you look closely you'll see that the bike is mid-spin.

The torch finally approaches, just behind the policeman.

And so the torch continued on its merry way.

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