Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year and New Beginnings

New Year has always been a bit depressing for me in the past. As I've mentioned elsewhere in these ramblings I've always ended up being disappointed with where I am, compared to where I wish to be. Well, this year has proven to be a bit different. I look back at the goals I made for myself, on this very blog, and I am content with my progress;

Goal 1 - to submit three short stories to competitions.

Done, sort of, if we include Flash Fiction (which I do). I may not have won anything yet but I can see how my writing has improved from this time last year. For the moment that is more than enough of a reward.

Goal 2 - to finish the novel.

Sort of done. The first draft is complete and though it's a mess it has given me the building blocks for draft 2, which is already looking much better.

Goal 3 - To move out of the homestead.

A very big "done" next to this one, and it was the best thing I did all year (apart from finishing the first draft obviously). I am in my own version of domestic bliss with my boyfriend - even if it has meant I'm washing a lot more socks than I used to.

So what will 2012 bring? Maybe the Mayan's will suddenly turn up in a spaceship and say "Psych! We totally made up that whole end of time nonsense." Or maybe the Olympics will turn out to be the best thing to ever happen to London, and not the nightmare all us native Londoner's are imagining. Personally I hope it will be another year of progress and achievement, and in that spirit here are my three aims for 2012:

  • Get the novel draft 2 complete and edited.
  • Beg/convince/bribe beta readers to read it and give me feedback.
  • Get three short stories completed and submitted to magazines or any publication that pays.
We'll see where I am in a years time. I can say though just writing down goals has been a huge help, giving me a real sense of direction and points to focus on.

All I have left to say is; have a wonderful, drunken, fun, joyous New Year's Eve, and may your 2012 be bright and beautiful. See you next year peeps.

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  1. Best of luck with your goals for 2012, and have a wonderful year.