Thursday, 17 November 2011

Plodding On

Over a week since my last post - oops. Time flies when you don't pay attention, and between work, writing, life and a migraine from the depths of Hades itself I have definitely not been paying attention. So here are some updates of recent events and non-events;

- The blog has just reached 7000 page views! I don't know if that's good progress for a 1-year-old blog, but I'm pretty happy about it. I recently set up Google analytics as well to see what exactly all you lovely people do when you come to my little online space. Big sister is always watching.

- With the novel all plotted out it's been a far more relaxing process in writing the second draft. I've completed the first few scenes, though it remains to be seen if they stay or not; they're a bit more of a prologue than anything else, and I'm a believer that sometimes it's best to use reflection and flash backs for events prior to the main story. They might work though, as the mood is perfectly expressed in those early scenes, which runs through the whole story. I'll only know when it's all done.

- I have a few writing competition entries lurking on the horizon, the first of which should be live here on Friday. The others... well it depends if I make the time to sit down and come up with something for them.

It is amazing how little you can get done when you don't have your eye on the prize - I definitely need to start making all my technology bully me into getting more words down, through the use of "reminders". Otherwise known as picky, pushy, prodding pilickers. That's what I call them anyway.(ed. Spellcheck really hates the word "pilickers")

Hope all of your own projects, writing and otherwise, are plodding on nicely. Write on.

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