Monday, 3 October 2011

Creativity and Unseasonal Sunshine

As some of you may know the UK has been experiencing some extraordinary weather the last week or so. Here in London at this time of year it's normally all gales, and cold, and falling leaves. But for the last seven days we've had hot sunshine, so it's felt more like July than September/October.

Making the most of it I got out the flat on Saturday and went for a wander around Romford, and ended up outside the church, pad in hand, and did a forty minute sketch of the church tower. I haven't sketched like that in years and it felt wonderful to let my old instincts take over for a while. Even if I did get a few funny looks from people. As anyone who's ever done sketches or paintings in the street knows, you learn to ignore the stares and after a while don't even notice them. So below are some pictures I took of the church, as well as the sketch itself. Enjoy!

This would have been a perfect picture if it hadn't been for
the bald bloke walking into my shot...

I liked the details on the front of the tower so focused on that for the sketch.

The sketch: It's a bit wonky, but I like the window details I got.
I plan to go back and do a better drawing in the future. Weather  permitting.


  1. ahhhh. You encourage me. I've taken up my sketching again...haven't partaken in the pastime since I was a kid. Accepting how long it takes is the toughest. Think that's why I stopped to begin with...the time. I used to claim, "Immediate gratification took too long."


  2. Thanks Mac. Sketching is great fun, but I too fell into the "don't have time" routine. I'm going to try to do some kind of drawing once a week, just to keep my hand in, as it were. Good luck with your own sketching!