Monday, 5 September 2011


I'm now on holiday for two weeks, seven days of which I get to spend in Las Vegas. It's incredibly exciting as I've always wanted to go to America, and Las Vegas was one of the places on my list to see before I die. I think most people have that list somewhere in their mind... if not then I guess it's mainly me. I also have New York, New Orleans, and Washington top of my list of American places I want to see, but at least next week I can cross off Las Vegas. This excites me enough that I've had to hold in squeals of delight - and may let one loose when we land.

I'm slightly concerned about how long the flight is, as I've never done a long haul before. But so far I'm loving all the things Virgin Atlantic include on their flights. There are a number of films available (they say) that I haven't seen yet, so those should help to kill a few of the eleven hours I'm in the air for. I also have my Kindle, a DS and my MP3 player. And maybe, just maybe, I'll get some sleep. As we land at around two in the afternoon Las Vegas time I really hope I sleep a little; just so I can stay awake until something approaching night time there!

Activity on the blog will be a bit quiet while I'm away, but services should continue as normal from next Thursday onwards. And I may even have a few pictures to share with you all - hopefully including one of me striking it lucky at the casinos and winning a fortune. Hey, a girl can dream. I will have my Netbook with me while I'm out there though (as Internet access is included in the resort fee so I figure I better use it) so I should still send a few tweets out at some point while I'm there.

Watch out USA - here I come!

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