Thursday, 16 June 2011

It's Thursday already?!

Hi all, been another one of those weeks where you're all chilled and looking forward to the week ahead and suddenly you realise the week is almost up and you haven't got half of the things done you'd set out to do. Yeah, one of those.

I've been mainly getting to grips with my Mac, learning how it works and more importantly where everything is. The keyboard especially takes some getting used to after years of PC keyboards, but it's not too tricky. Saying that, the absence of an obvious hash tag key had me stumped for a bit, as I was convinced I'd suddenly gone blind. Tip: alt + 3.

I've also been setting up my first draft of Wolfsbane in Scrivener, a writer's programme for writers. It let's you lay out the manuscript in a much more logical way, with each chapter having it's own folder on the left hand navigation, and it allows you to pick them up and move them about as you like. You can also do a full outline, with each chapter marked out and ready to be filled with lovely words, like jam into doughnuts. Mmmm... doughnuts. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, Scrivener. I highly recommend it if you want to have a go at a writing programme that is actually trying to help you write. And you can try it for free for 30 days before you buy. (I make no money if you do buy it, I just think it's a really cool tool and I wish I'd known about it years ago.)

The only other thing I did this week of any import was go to the Bad Teacher screening. My review will be on Lost in the Multiplex shortly but thought I'd describe what a screening involves, in case anyone has ever wondered. First off they are not as glamourous as you might imagine. Normally it's a bunch of tired looking, hunching film reviewers all piling into some corridor or small room waiting for the screening room doors to open, before you take your seat and hope to whatever force you believe in that this won't be another Charlie's Angels. But the Bad Teacher screening was an example of how it can, and should, be done. It was in Sony's building in London (how cool would it be to work in a building with your own screening room?) and they have a bar and seating area outside while you wait. I've been there a couple of times with LOVEFiLM but it had been a while and I'd forgotten how nice their building is.

You're given a print out with a lot of information about the film, cast and crew, which you always read if you're on your own and never read if you're not, and then you wait to be let in to the screening room. The difference with this one was there was a minor celebrity there, as Fearne Cotten had also turned up for the screening I went to. I must be honest - I had no idea who she was the whole time I sat in that bar area. I kind of did that thing, where you recognise someone but you're not sure from where. Then it dawned on me "she's on the telly" and the name popped into my head. I then completely ignored her and went on into the screening room, as I've always thought it's weird when people talk to someone just because they've seen them on TV or in films. Now if it had been Stephen King sitting there I would have been having palpitations and kicking myself for not having his "On Writing" book with me. Or a pen for that matter. Always make sure you have a pen.

That reminds me, I really need to put a pen in my bag - so that the gremlin that ate the last one doesn't starve.

So that's been my week of few words but fun experiences. How was yours?

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  1. Oooh ... hark at 'our Alexa' hob-nobbing with the celebs! ;-) I have been to one screening in my life (I think - memory and all that) for 'The Negotiator' which was/is an excellent film. There was nobody famous there (nobody famous that I recognised).

    Stephen King - 'On Writing' - one of (I don't have many) my favourite books about writing. Less a construction of how to write and more a detail of the 'why' and 'what'. I think King is excellent when he bothers; but not critically acclaimed enough due to his popularity. He'll have to die to be recognised.

    And I used to use 'Tech Writer' or something that was like 'Apple Writer' which had 'chapters' as well as pages/paragraphs and so on. That was good. I must hunt out that novel some time ...

    My week? Heavy on work with smatterings of shouting, accusation and counter-accusation. I hope to sneak through Friday unnoticed but fear my hopes for anonymity will be unrealised. It's been a week where the internet has been under attack from within and those are the sneakiest of critters. Oh well.

    I need a break. Eep.