Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas Chaos

Christmas is always portrayed as a happy, bright and cheer filled time of year. In reality it's stressful, busy and seems to bring the worst out in people. If it's not Daily Mail journalists (among others) wrongly accusing a man of rape who was only facing charges of having sex without a condom (I kid not - Sweden, you have some crazy laws), it's shoppers preparing to decapitate each other if it means they get the last "Dave the Funky Monkey". Ah, goodwill to all men and all that.

My personal experiences of Christmas has so far involved recovering from a hideous bronchitis infection (still coughing three weeks on), trying to not get too drunk at the work Christmas party and wondering when I will get the chance to do the rest of my present shopping when the whole of London has come to stand still because of snow. But there are reasons to be cheerful - with the aforementioned snow it will give people a chance to stay home and enjoy the holiday season with the family, rather than trying to while the hours away in the shops, and for all the kids on holiday right now it must be fabulous to be outside and making snow men. I was also made very happy by the newly announced Mass Effect 3 trailer, which I've watched more times than is probably healthy. What can I say, I'm excited. If you want to see it yourself here it is:

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