Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The First Step is Always the Hardest

See if this rings a bell. For ages you think "I wish I could do that", "one day I'll do that" or "if only I had the time and money I could be a journalist/politician/astronaut"... Or, perhaps the most challenging of all, "a writer".

But what is "a writer"? Type this into any search engine and you will be confronted with a cacophony of different opinions and statements. Is it only those fortunate enough to make a living from the craft, or does it include anyone who has ever been published, regardless of how long ago? Or is it just having the desire to put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard) even if you've never been published officially? Or is the rather well known writer Stephen King right when he says, to paraphrase, "A writer is someone that writes". Period.

This blog is my attempt to follow Mr. King's advice, as I like his opinion the best - it's certainly the most achievable. I will write. And maybe at some point I will "be a writer". Or at the very least can satisfactorily pretend to be writer while I wait for the penny to drop among my peers. And I'll only have myself to blame if the specter of laziness overcomes my good intentions. And television. Television is always to blame.

I'll be writing about the things I'm passionate about and generally give a glimpse into a would be writer's mind in the process (whether I will it or not). I'm currently working in the online rental industry and get access to a lot of films in the process. Helpfully I like films a lot so it's not all bad. So expect to see the following subjects on here at some point or another:

  • Film reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Game reviews
  • Politics
  • Current Affairs
  • History (particularly Ancient History)
  • And of course, Writing (the craft of as well as my own experiences)

I will also, as the whim takes me, write about my life as and when I want. I've never been good at keeping diaries or sharing with others so I suspect there won't be so much of that but it will inevitably come through in everything else I write. So if this sounds like your thing feel free to follow me on the journey.

"Hold onto your butts" (Samuel L. Jackson, Jurassic Park).

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